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Easter story! :)

Hello everyone,

This is my second post and I am really excited to see whether you have commented to it! smiley

I have got another question for you all to answer!

What is the true meaning of Easter?

I hope you can work it out!enlightened


Image result for what is the true meaning of easter clipart

I hope I have gave you all a bit of a head start!

From Mrs. Harper

Blogging and zebra question! :)

Hello everyone,

I am very excited about blogging with you all because I love blogging. I hope you will respond back to my  post as this is my very first post.

I have also got a short little question for you to answer!

What colours has a zebra got?

Here is a picture of on to help you but it is in different colours!

Image result for multi-oloured zebra

I hope you can solve it!

From Mrs. Harpersmiley

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